Feb 20, 2013

My Journey to GATE

       Its been a long journey for me.But it never seemed to be impossible.I got AIR-2392 in GATE 2011, AIR - 150 in GATE 2012.But not satisfied with the rank and the colleges I got admission into I thought to give another try in GATE - 2013.I got AIR - 23 in GATE - 2013(CS/IT). During this two and half years of journey(I hardly prepared for 10 months or so), I learnt some important things which are much required for an engineer.Also I found that there is a big problem with the attitude of the Engineering students.And another important thing they miss is - a proper source for learning concepts in GATE .There are so many websites providing lecture series for different subjects from wide variety of disciplines.But this is creating another problem.The student is unable to choose from which site to learn.Remember one thing, the most important thing we need to do for GATE preparation is to read text books.Take up a text book and start reading it.

           I will be posting updates and some guidance on how to follow textbooks and where to concentrate more.Keep watching my blog regularly....