Mar 20, 2013

GATE Textbooks(CS/IT)

           Hi friends, in this post I am going to share the preferable textbooks for GATE(CS/IT) preparation.The main reason for this post is that many of my friends are asking me about which textbooks to follow and what topics to read in them.Firstly, let me clear one thing.Reading a text book does not mean that you should read it from top to bottom.You just need to read those topics that are included in the GATE syllabus and some topics which may be related to the GATE syllabus indirectly.putting all such topics together a student is required to read about 40 to 70 % of the textbook only.So based on that you can understand how easy textbook reading for GATE is!(Remember that you need to read textbooks only not any research papers while preparing for GATE)

Mar 19, 2013

GATE - 2012 : IISc(SERC) M.S. Interview

Hi friends,
         In this post I am going to share my IISc, Bangalore interview experiences.I have applied for IISc M.S. course in SERC(Super Computer Education and Research Center) department.I got an interview call from the department scheduled on 6th June 2012.The M.S. interviews will be generally spread over several days and they will divide the students into batches and interview the candidates.So they will have plenty of time to interview a candidate if they want.But believe me,even it is an M.S. interview the questions will not be very difficult.The professors there are very friendly to the candidate.The interview panel will be cool and nothing to get worried about.

         My written test + Interview slot is 2 P.M. on 6th June 2012.There are around 35 to 40 candidates I think.First we have to face a written test and the candidates who are through the written test will be interviewed.The written test will be a bit new to many(not because of the questions but because of their filtering criteria). For us the written test pattern is as follows :

GATE - 2012 IIT kanpur Experiences

Hi Friends,
I got AIR - 150 in GATE-2012(CS/IT). I applied for IIT Kanpur M.Tech program and got a call for Interview.The interview dates are 7th and 8th May,2012(I dont remember exactly but I hope these are correct :P).

I started my journey from Guntur,Andhra Pradesh on 4th MAY as it takes around 30 hours of journey in train.This is the first time I got a chance to visit North India till now.I started to Kanpur alone not knowing anything in the city but thanks to Google maps.I was able to plan how to reach IITK campus. The 30 hours train journey was so exciting because I had had a chance to see how diversified our India is.I kept on staring from the window.Awesome scenarios : so many lakes,green fields,barren lands,some rivers,villages and many more.I cant explain how beautiful they are.One must experience that on their own if they get a chance.