Mar 20, 2013

GATE Textbooks(CS/IT)

           Hi friends, in this post I am going to share the preferable textbooks for GATE(CS/IT) preparation.The main reason for this post is that many of my friends are asking me about which textbooks to follow and what topics to read in them.Firstly, let me clear one thing.Reading a text book does not mean that you should read it from top to bottom.You just need to read those topics that are included in the GATE syllabus and some topics which may be related to the GATE syllabus indirectly.putting all such topics together a student is required to read about 40 to 70 % of the textbook only.So based on that you can understand how easy textbook reading for GATE is!(Remember that you need to read textbooks only not any research papers while preparing for GATE)

       So what will be the benefit if you read textbooks.Actually there are many :
              1. You will have much better understanding of the concepts when you read a textbook.
              2. The exercise problems after each chapters are very useful for practicing. They have been                      proved to be priceless in understanding the concepts you have just understood.
              3. So many points which you miss out in coaching classes can be learnt.
              4. If you habituate reading textbooks while in GATE preparation only, then you will be very                     comfortable during your M.Tech.
              5. Most of the good rankers will have the habit of reading the textbooks.(But just reading                         textbooks does not ensure you a rank.You need to practice and manage the time well ).
              6. It will be of immense help during the M.Tech Interview process.

But remember one thing.Only textbooks are not sufficient.You need to take help of the internet as well.Okay! It's enough to tell about textbooks.Let me tell you which textbooks are preferable for the CS/IT Subjects.
          The following list of textbooks are good(It's just my opinion.Some other people may find some other books as more useful.If so you can specify that in the comments)

GATE CS/IT Syllabus

Core Subjects

  1. Digital Logic
    • Digital Design by Morris Mano(Very good book but does not cover some topics)
    • Digital Logic Design by A.P.Godse(The language used is very simple)
    • Switching Theory and Automaton by Z.Kohavi(Very good book)
  2. Computer Organisation
    • Computer Organisation by Morris Mano
    • Computer Architecture - A Quantitative Approach by John L Hennesy
    • Computer Organisation and Architecture by William Stallings
  3. Programming
    • Let Us C by Yeshwanth Kanetkar
    • Test your C-Skills by Yeshwanth Kanetkar
    • Pointers in C by Yeshwanth Kanetkar
  4. Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Introduction to Algorithms(A very good book)
    • Data Structures and Algorithms by Sartaj Sahni
    • Data Structures and Algorithms made easy by Narasimha Karumanchi
  5. Theory of Computation
    • Introduction to Automata, Theory and Computation(3rd edition) by Jefferey D.Ullman
    • Automata Theory by K.V.N.Sunitha
  6. Compiler Design
    • Compilers - Principles, Techniques and Tools by Alfred V.Aho, Jeffrey D.Ullman
  7. Operating System
    • Operating System Concepts by Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B.Galvin, Greg Gagne
    • Modern Operating Systems by Andrew S.Tanenbaum
  8. Databases
    • Fundamentals of Database Systems by Elmasri, Navathe
    • Database Management Systems by Raghu Rama Krishna
    • An introduction to Database Systems by C.J.Date
    • Database System Concepts by Abraham Silberschatz, Henry F.Korth, S.Sudarshan
  9. Computer Networks
    • Computer Networking - A Top Down Approach by Kurose, Ross
    • Computer Networks by Andrew S.Tanenbaum
    • Computer Networks - A Systems Approach by Larry L.Peterson, Bruse S.Davie
    • Internetworking with TCP/IP by Comer
    • R.F.C. Pages(These are the original documents of the protocols)
  10. Information Systems and Software Engineering(Following textbook is not a good idea for this subject because so much excess information will be present)
    • Software Engineering by Pressman
  11. Web Technologies


  1. Engineering Mathmatics
  2. Discrete Maths
    • Discrete Maths and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen
    • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists by JL Mott and Abraham Kendal

Note: These are just Suggestions only.You may find that there are some books missing which you feel to be really very good.If you find any such book you can add comments.


  1. I'd suggest to read only that book which you read in your B.Tech. Start with a new book only if you were not comfortable with the previous one.

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