May 4, 2013

Can you get a good rank in GATE?

Some important and obvious questions any GATE ranker will face from a new aspirant are :
  1. How to prepare for GATE?
  2. Which books to follow?
  3. Can I get your books to prepare?
  4. Can I crack GATE?  ...and many more
 In this post I want  to answer the 4th question "Can I crack GATE?"....

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) is the entrance exam which gives you a chance to enter the elite institutes of the country, have a job in PSUs and have many more advantages.GATE is very easy compared to other exams of the similar kind.You can easily crack GATE.You will have to prepare for 10 months or so to get a good rank in GATE.Blah!Blah!Blah!

Yes everything is very much true.But please do remember the following :
  1. GATE is very easy exam only if you prepare for the exam.
  2. GATE can be cracked only if you write the 3 hours exam.
  3. GATE syllabus can be completed in 10 months only if you prepare in a smart way.
Okay!Why am I so much stressing on Preparation?The answer is very simple.Most people dont prepare seriously.A simple example to understand this - In GATE 2013, a whooping 2,24,160 students have applied for the paper CS/IT.This is the highest number students in the history of GATE for the CS/IT paper.But if you see the number of students qualified in the exam you will be surprised.Hardly  around 20,000 students have qualified.So whats the problem?Is the exam very difficult?Did the students struggl to answer the questions?Did they see questions which are from totally unknown and new concepts?

No not atall..Let me first clarify you that every year the percentage of students qualifying will be around 10% hardly.So where is the problem?Why are 90% of students not being quaified?I think I dont need to tell you the answer.
The simple reason is - lack of proper preparation.

Okay!Now you are thinking to have a very good preparation plan.Wait a second! Along with a good preparation there are another 2 things you need to follow.They are :
  1. Practising as much as possible
  2. Having some runnning notes kind of thing(so that some concepts which you found nowhere can be saved and revised later)
  3. Having some debates about the concpets of the syllabus.
  4. FInally,(this is the most important thing to follow) You should attempt GATE exam with no worries.
The last point is the single most important thing to be observed for a good ranker. Because when you cannot control your tension/stress/excitement (whatever it is), things go real bad for you.And trust me, if you write the exam as if you would write a practice exam, your thinking will be great and you will get the answers very easily.


  1. sir
    I am first year student. When & How can I start preparation?

    1. Which branch you belong to?

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